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95 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees detained after migration bid
Date: Monday 10th of September 2012 Photo

In an overnight operation that ended early on Saturday, the Mangalore police prevented a group of 97 persons — 95 of them believed to be Sri Lankan Tamil refugees — from embarking on an unsafe and illegal sea voyage in a bid to migrate to Australia.

Genuine boat refugees fear for life, send SOS from Indonesia
Date: Tuesday 04th of September 2012 Photo

53 Eezham Tamil boat refugees, seeking asylum in Australia but driven to Indonesia, are on a fast-unto-death protest on-board their vessel for the past four days, against the decision of the Indonesian authorities to hand them over to Sri Lanka Navy. The refugees claim that they will be persecuted, even killed, if handed over to the SL Navy.

Genocidal sex abuse of ex-LTTE female cadres becomes routine in North and East
Date: Thursday 30th of August 2012 Photo

The genocidal Sri Lanka military occupying the country of Eezham Tamils is routinely engaged in repeated sexual abuse of the former female members of the LTTE to see them pregnant by the Sinhala soldiers, in the model of former Yugoslavia, news sources citing a number of cases and medical professionals told TamilNet.

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IOM blamed for double standards
12 September, 2012 

A section of the officials of the International Organisation of Migration (IOM), working with the Sri Lankan State, have been harassing former LTTE members to return the identity cards the organisation had earlier provided to them certifying their release. The IOM, which undertook ‘pre-release profiling’ of more than 10,000 ex-Tiger members, had received foreign aid from Japan, Norway, USA, The Netherlands and the UK for the programme named ‘Information, Counselling, and Referral Services’ (ICRS).

Sri Lanka's ruling party sweeps local polls
10 September, 2012 

Sri Lanka's ruling party secured victory in three provincial council elections including one area ravaged by the island's ethnic war that ended in 2009, according to results released on Sunday. President Mahinda Rajapakse's United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) swept the council polls in the north-central and central regions with near two thirds majorities in Saturday's vote.

Ki'linochchi farmers weep over what they sowed as Iranamadu tank dries up
09 September, 2012  Photo

The Iranamadu tank in the Ki'linochchi district, from which the Government proposed to supply water to Jaffna, has dried up considerably, with no water being available even for farmers in the area.As a result, officials have decided to limit water to farmers for their cultivations this year.

Rememberance of Massacre:

Trincomalee Conspiracy - Sinhala Hoodlums

Date: 24th of April 2006

Moothoor Massacre - Sri Lanka Army & Navy

Date: 25th of April 2006

Paddiththidal massacre - Sri Lanka army

Date: 26th of April 1987

Journalist Sivaram Massacre - Karuna Group

Date: 28th of April 2005

Jaffna Ariyaalai Massacre - Sri Lanka army

Date: 29th of April 1985

Polanaruwa Massacre - SL Army & Muslims

Date: 29th of April 1992

Attack on Uthayan Paper - SL Army & EPDP

Date: 02nd of May 2006

Nelliyadi Massacre - SLA Intelligence Unit

Date: 04th of May 2006

Manthuvil Temple Massacre - SL Army

Date: 08th of May 2006

Jaffna Valvai 1985 massacre - Sri Lanka Army

Date: 09th of May 1985

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India awakens to sexist component of genocidal culture in Sri Lanka

A cartoon that appeared in Lakbima newspaper of Sri Lanka, on Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, has awakened the masses in India on the sexist side of the genocidal culture encountered by Eezham Tamils over several decades, said South Asia watchers in New Delhi noting responses from different parts of India.

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Blake to visit Colombo to steer LLRC course of politics

Blake visits Maldives as the country threatens to leave Commonwealth

Malathy’s ‘Fleeting Moment’ a testimonial to earned sovereignty of Eezham Tamils

‘Sexist cartoons on Tamil Nadu CM reflect Sinhala patriarchal attitude to Tamil women’

The Myth Of The Rajapaksa-Supermen

Congress, BJP, religiously sanctify genocide

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Tamils pay the cost of political expediency

The treatment of Sri Lankan asylum seekers shows that further punishing victims is deemed acceptable if it can score domestic political points. At a time of bipartisan support for renewing the Pacific Solution, it is deeply disturbing to see the asylum seeker issue taking a turn for the more extreme. In a world of dog-whistle politics, it appears that further punishing victims is acceptable if it can score domestic political points.

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Shock And Awww!

How do you efface memories of the fact that at least 40,000 civilians (Tamils) were killed in the final phase of a genocidal war in Sri Lanka, the majority of them by the Sri Lankan army’s shelling of hospitals and “safe zones”? How do you move on when 3,00,000 Sri Lankan Tamils were internally displaced—and continue to be treated as suspects by a chauvinist Sinhala regime?

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Press Release:
Apply BDS campaign against Sri Lanka: Tamil Nadu writer

Arguing that “massive international pressure alone can halt the ongoing cultural and structural genocide against the Tamils”, Tamil Nadu based poet and writer Meena Kandasamy contends in an article on that an effective Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, which was used against the apartheid South African state must be also applied to Sri Lanka.

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Frogs In A Pot Of Water

There is a facile truism about nations getting the politicians they deserve. We, in Sri Lanka certainly have the kind we deserve.  Small-minded, cliquish, corrupt, self-serving, self-indulgent and deceitful. We should have booted them out a long time ago – but have not.
As we watch the conclusion of yet another election what is evident is not that the ballot rules but that parliamentarians have shown once again that they will stoop to any level in order to cling to power.

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Column & Special Coverage:
Results of polls will shape Govt. policy on vital issues

The UPFA government’s popularity, both in Sri Lanka and abroad, will be measured today by an unusual yardstick — the outcome of yesterday’s polls for Sabaragamuwa, North Central and Eastern Provincial Councils. The main thrust of the government has been to demonstrate, both here and to the outside world, that despite criticism on a multitude of issues, the UPFA continues to enjoy the confidence of the people. Towards this end, the alliance’s seven-week campaign, where an entire cabinet of ministers had been deployed, was to ensure that it win a larger volume of votes, perhaps higher than previous polls.

Flash back:


Police sentry in East University to continue says SL Minister

24th of Apr 2011

Chinese envoy stays away from Peiris briefing on UN report

24th of Apr 2011

UN report due tomorrow despite Lanka’s plea

24th of Apr 2011

MR will not meet Blake

24th of Apr 2011

GL to phone Ban to reiterate SL’s position - Strong support for SL from Russia and China

24th of Apr 2011

Trade Unions Will, Will Not Protest Against UN Report

24th of Apr 2011

UN 'sould have prevented' civilian deaths

24th of Apr 2011

Politics ruined independent bodies - CJ

24th of Apr 2011


Police administration in North continues in ‘Sinhala Only’

24th of Apr 2010

Rajapakse to attend Bhutan SAARC summit

24th of Apr 2010

Calls made to Britain, Sri Lanka from Nalini's mobile: TN govt

24th of Apr 2010

As Sri Lanka AG Met With UN's Ban, War Crimes Panel Unnamed for Six Weeks

24th of Apr 2010 Photo

French national arrested for illegal entry

24th of Apr 2010


'Bountiful in killing shells, but no means for food packets'

24th of Apr 2009

Civilian casualties top 20,000 in Vanni: Leaked UN document

24th of Apr 2009

Vithiyatharan released

24th of Apr 2009

Colombo uses starvation, denial of medicine as weapons of war: LTTE

24th of Apr 2009

Yaazhtheavi extension to Thaa'ndikku'lam cancelled last minute

24th of Apr 2009

Plans afoot to establish SLA concentration village in Kodikaamam

24th of Apr 2009

Rajapaksa appoints notorious ex-commander to head IDP resettlement

24th of Apr 2009

Tamil woman arrested in Kandy

24th of Apr 2009


Man strangled to death in Vavuniya

24th of Apr 2007

Sri Lankan Fighter jets Attack Civilian settlements in vadamarachchi east

24th of Apr 2007

Artillery fire wounds child, and grandmother in Vadamaradhci East

24th of Apr 2007


The violence erupts in Trinco

24th of Apr 2006

Another trader shot and killed in Vavuniya

24th of Apr 2006

TNA candidate shot and kill

24th of Apr 2006

Another auto-trishaw driver shot and killed

24th of Apr 2006

Three Tamil youth killed in Trincomalee

24th of Apr 2006

Three wheeler drivers shot and killed at Nelliady

24th of Apr 2006

Does the world know what is happening to Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Nowadays US develops close relations with India to preclude India from 'bandwagoning' with either China or Russia or Both or with France to undercut US strategic interest in Asia. No Solution for Tamils in Sri Lanka Upto, US and anti-US alliance's amendment to the existing strategic policies of Sri Lanka are occured.until Sri Lanka's preplanned executions and Violations on Minority Tamils will be continued....

Confidential UN documents acquired by The Times record nearly 7,000 civilian deaths in the "no-fire" zone up to the end of April 2009. At least 20,000 Tamil people were killed on the Mullaitththeevu by Sri Lanka Army atrocities in "Safety zone". Aerial photographs, official documents, witness accounts and expert testimony collected by medias, “present clear evidence of an atrocity".


Sri Lanka truth with Statistical center for NorthEast (SNE) collecting all vicims details, massacred in Safety zone. We are requesting the victims relatives to register the details of victims.
Click here to submit victim details.

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The tragic history of post-independence records that the Tamils of Sri Lanka have been subjected to mass-scale mob violence in the years 1956, 1958, 1977, 1981 and 1983. The anti-Tamil violence of July 1983 was the most terrible and horrible of them all. It remains etched in memory even after 27 years.

The cage, The fight for SriLanka & the last days of the & Tamil Tigers
The cage, The fight for SriLanka & the last days of the & Tamil Tigers
Trincomalee High Security Zone and Special Economic Zone

Australian families reach out to boatpeople

For view: 09th of September 2012

After 22 days on a boat fleeing Sri Lanka and more than five months in detention, asylum-seeker Jeevan Nanthakumar recently unpacked his suitcases in the home of an Australian pensioner couple. Nanthakumar -- a pseudonym -- said he left his homeland and family in January due to "government problems and enemies in my village".

"I went to India then was on a boat for 22 days, five days with no food and no water," said the 26-year-old.

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Why Men Don’t Offer Their Seats To Women In Buse

For view: 09th of September 2012

A year ago a friend of mine from Europe raised an alarming question during her short stay in Sri Lanka: “Why Sri Lankan men don’t give up their seats to women in public transportation?” I am compulsively obliged to defend my motherland Sri Lanka against such an accusation. I have never travelled to Europe; therefore I didn’t know the situation in Eastern Europe. However due to the prevalent Third World citizen mentality, I presumed that she speaks words of wisdom: “this sort of idiosyncrasy could only be seen in countries like Sri Lanka, and India”, I thought.

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Relations Between India and Sri Lanka Sour

For view: 05th of September 2012

Last week, while traveling down the coast of Tamil Nadu for my article about the fishing wars between India and Sri Lanka, I noticed pilgrims walking along the side of the road. They trudged along, despite the heat, as they walked kilometers on a pilgrimage to Christian shrines in the state of Tamil Nadu. What I had not realized is that some of the pilgrims visiting the state were from Sri Lanka.

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Missing And Forgotten

For view: 02nd of September 2012

Kumarasamy Pathmanathan has a question. “If the war is over and if there is no problem in the country, why are they arresting people?” Pathmanathan is one of the 300 people who showed up in the city of Vavuniya on Thursday, August 30, holding up pictures of a loved one who has gone missing. In his case, it’s his daughter, 31-year old Vasanthamala.

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NorthEast situation Reports:
A 17-year old boy is physically and sexually assaulted by intoxicated police officers at Pallama Police Station for a crime that he did not commit

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a 17-year old boy was physically and sexually assaulted by intoxicated police officers at Pallama Police Station for a crime that he did not commit. Mr. Chamara (name changed for privacy and security purposes) was accused of stealing jewelry from a neighbour. Despite repeated denials of this accusation, he was arbitrarily arrested by officers attached to the Pallama Police Station, detained and grossly assaulted, both physically and sexually.

This web site containing information of Statistical center for North East of Sri Lanka. The Srilankatruth is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.